PPC Course Ghaziabad

What do you mean by PPC?

You must have heard about different marketing strategies, but have you heard about the PPC? PPC means Pay-per-click. It is a type of online marketing in which the advertisers pay every time whenever a user clicks on their online ads. As the name suggests, you only have to pay when any user clicks on your ads. It is digital marketing, which gives a great opportunity to the users to increase their website traffic and conversion rates. The cost per click is not the same for all the companies. It depends on the popularity, competition, and business domain. If you are interested in learning more about PPC, you can contact Pankaj Kumar SEO, which offers you the best PPC Training Ghaziabad.

Advantages of PPC Course

If you want to grow your business, then you need to learn about PPC. PPC helps to increase website traffic and increase brand visibility. Have a look at the benefits that you will get if you go for PPC Course Ghaziabad.

  1. This course will help you to learn the latest topics on fundamentals of the PPC to the marketing tips used by the search engines.
  2. Also, you will get to learn how PPC affects website traffic and increase brand visibility.
  3. This course will help you to know more about the marketing strategies which could be applied in business.
  4. You will also learn how PPC performs well with other marketing channels and how you can get instant business.
  5. Also, you learn the latest marketing concept about PPC.
  6. You will also learn the benefits of PPC on your business.

Why learn PPC Course from Pankaj Kumar SEO?

Pankaj Kumar SEO has a very experienced team and knowledgeable team, which will teach you all the skills regarding PPC. Learn this marketing from the best PPC Institute Ghaziabad. The price of Pankaj Kumar SEO is also reasonable, so no need to worry about the budget.

  • Introduction of Google AdWords
  • Understanding Advertising Goals
  • Keyword research
  • Creating campaigns and ad groups
  • Bidding Strategy
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Campaign reporting
  • Billing & Accounts
  • Display Advertising Module
  • Search Advertising Module
  • Campaign Designing
  • Adwords Campaign Optimization
  • Mobile Advertising Module
  • Re-Targeting Module
  • Keyword Planning for Paid Marketing
  • On page Optimization for Paid Marketing
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Ad Making Strategies
  • Video Advertising Module
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Learn Re-Marketing Concept
  • Ad Extension: Sitelinks, Call, Callout etc.
  • How to add negative keywords
  • Adwords Search Media Plan
  • Adwords Display Media Plan
  • Adwords YouTube Media Plan
  • Geo targeting of Ads
  • Adwords Reporting & Analytics